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Zombie Shooter

If you love to play unity 3d zombie games, then you will love to play Zombie Shooter 3D, also. In Zombie Shooter 3D, you have to kill as many zombies as possible to earn a highest score….Play Zombie Shooter right in your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Astro Panic

Shoot the incoming UFOs before they hit you. Destroy them high for a better score. Move and aim with the mouse. Shoot with the left mouse button. Play Astro Panic right in your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden

Watch Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden right from your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Schauen Sie die Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden direkt von Ihrem Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Street Fighter 2

Play the classic old school game of Street Fighter 2 right in your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Get the SuperLCD Clock for your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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HoverDash Header


HoverDash is an application that allows users to select widgets placed on the Dashboard and bring them out of the Dashboard environment to hover over the desktop.


Download HoverDash version 1.0

How To Use

Check the box next to the widgets you would like to use outside of Dashboard and click the Apply button.Clicking Apply will restart the Dock which also causes Dashboard to restart as well. Any widgets that have been set to hover will load immediately without the need to load all of the widgets still on the Dashboard.

HoverDash Screenshot

HoverDash takes advantage of a little known feature of Dashboard which allows widgets to be used outside of the Dashboard. HoverDash does NOT use the well known developer mode of the Dashboard that allows users to drag widgets out of the Dashboard.


Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later is required. HoverDash is a Universal Binary application and will work on all PowerPC and Intel Macintosh computers.


Get an beautiful Red LED clock for your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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You want Top Applications, Good Looking Wallpapers, Awesome Screensavers or just brand new Widgets ?
Get your daily source for all Mac things right from your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Search right from your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Backup and Restore Dashboard Widgets

Time Machine is one solution for backing up your Dashboard Widgets, but this option is not always optimal, especially when you have limited hard drive space, or if you would rather use other backup methods. Luckily, you can backup your widgets and reinstall each of them manually without much effort.

How to Backup

  • Step 1: Choose go to folder in Finder by typing Shift + Command + G and go to “~/Library/Preferences”
  • Step 2: In the Finder window, search for every file. Choose to sort files by name. Select all of the files the Finder displays, then copy them to a separate folder.
  • Step 3: Go to folder “~/Library/Widgets” Copy this folder along with all of the files to another backup folder. It is fine if you wish to only save only select widgets and not all of them.

Now all of your widgets and their associated files are backed up. Be sure to backup all of these files again if you decide to update your library otherwise you will have issues restoring them.

How to Restore

  • Step 1: On a Mac with which you want to restore your widgets, go to folder “~/Library/Preferences”
  • Step 2: Search for all files, highlight all of them and send them to the trash.
  • Step 3: Highlight all of your previously backed up files and move them to “~/Library/Preferences”
  • Step 4: Go to “~/Library/” and move your Widgets folder here.

Now simply restart your Mac and your widgets will show when you view your Dashboard. This has been confirmed to work with Macs running OS X 10.5 and higher.